Monday, February 27, 2012

ZSNES 1.42n

Sometimes you're in the mood for a classic. Maybe you just want to beat somebody up like it's 1993 with Mortal Kombat. Or have a good old Super Mario goomba-stomp-fest. The old games are just as fun today as they were all those years ago.

ZSNES 1.42n is a LAN-enabled version of the free ZSNES emulator. You can use it to play multiplayer SNES games across a network (Internet included). You can pick "Netplay" from the menu, and either host or join a server.

Setting up is relatively easy. Both players must have the exact same copy of the game you are playing, and both players must select their ROM directory before starting (To select your ROM directory, use Game -> Load). Then one player hosts, and the other player connects to their IP address. If you have trouble, try toggling between TCP and UDP (it's an option on the Netplay screen).

Unfortunately only 2 players can play. But, if you're really hankering for a 4-player Bomberman showdown, you can all play on the same computer if you have USB controllers (Xbox 360 controllers work too!). That may be the better option if you are at a LAN party.

Really this is most useful for online play. But since I didn't know you could play SNES online until recently, I thought I would share this as a useful gaming tool. So go beat your friends at Mario Kart! Here are the download links:

ZSNES 1.42n Download Page (Choose "Enhanced Netplay Edition")
That page also includes a download link to the source code, so Linux users should be able to compile and run it.

Happy gaming!

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