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This page has a list of free LAN games on this site. That's right: all of these network PC games are free! Also, all of these games are downloadable, so you don't need an Internet connection to play them.

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Almost all of these are free multiplayer FPS games, although there are a few 2D (usually side-scrolling) games as well. Often these games include modes like Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag (CTF).
NameRatingOS# PlayersUser Score
Alien ArenaWinLinux1 - 30
America's ArmyWin
BloodmastersSOLIDWin1 - 10
Build and ShootEXCELLENTWinLinuxMac6 - 32
Counter-Strike 2DSOLIDWinLinuxMac1 - 32
Enemy TerritoryWinLinuxMac6 - 64
FEAR CombatWin
Hidden & DangerousWin
SauerbratenWinLinuxMac1 - 128
Smokin' GunsWinLinux2 - 64
SoldatEXCELLENTWin1 - 32
Team Fortress 2EXCELLENTWin Mac1 - 24
TeeworldsWinLinuxMac2 - 16
TremulousWinLinuxMac2 - 64
Tribes 2Win1 - 64
True Combat EliteWinLinux
Urban TerrorWinLinuxMac
WarsowWinLinuxMac1 - 64



Strategy games are always a LAN Party staple. This list of free strategy games includes both real-time strategy (RTS) as well turn-based strategy games. There are also some that are a bit more abstract.
NameRatingOS# PlayersUser Score
Battle for WesnothWinLinuxMac
BontagoGREATWin1 - 8
Scorched3DWinLinuxMac1 - 24
Solar WarsWin1 - 4
Spring RTSWinLinuxMac
UFO: Alien InvasionWinLinuxMac1 - 6
WarMUXSOLIDWinLinuxMac1 - 7
Warzone 2100WinLinuxMac


Who doesn't like some speed now and then? These racing and driving LAN games put you head-to-head against your opponents.
NameRatingOS# PlayersUser Score
Armagetron AdvancedWinLinuxMac2 - 16
Driving Speed 2Win1 - 8
M3 ChallengeSOLIDWin1 - 16
The Need for SpeedCLASSICWinLinuxMac1 - 2
SwerveGOODWin1 - 6
Trackmania Nations ForeverEXCELLENTWin1 - 128


NameRatingOS# PlayersUser Score
At a DistanceSOLIDWinMac2
The Bub's BrothersWinLinuxMac1 - 10
CultrisWin1 - 10
Farm HandsGREATWin1 - 4
Grand Theft Auto 2Win1 - 6
Little Fighter 2Win1 - 8
Savage: The Battle for NewerthWinLinux
Tanks 3DOKWin1 - 4
Wizard Duel 2OKWin1 - 2

I will continue to add more games as I find them. If there's a game you would like to see on this list, leave a comment!

Last updated 11 April 2013. User scores update every four hours.


  1. Thank you. :) And that's a big list! I'll have to go through it sometime to find all the LANable games. :)

  2. Megazell, can your list be sorted down to MULTIPLAYER and/or LAN playable games somehow?

  3. I ve been looking for a list like this, for playing with friends in LANs, good work!

  4. Yes you must separate
    games into LAN and Multiplayer(online)

    1. LAN is Multiplayer. If you are refering to Online, it should be listed as ONLINE and not multiplayer, as that referes to LAN based games.

  5. Love Your Website! It helped me A Lot, I was looking for some cool FPS games to do over LAN so I could have a LAN Party, and thanks to you, It's going to work out for me! Please keep posting, and please feel free to visit my website

  6. Gate 88, a Strategy-Action game

  7. You're missing Söldner: Secret Wars --

  8. FreeRA (red alert):

  9. oops sorry, openRA:

  10. Great site! Many thanks!
    Hails from Hungary

  11. Best thing ever done .. Please dont make this page with too much games keep it simple as it already is ..

  12. can you add mmorpg/rpg game, like diablo, dota2, ect
    it's like RTS but it's only control 1 person
    THANKS, this is a great site

    forgive me if my word is wrong, because im a indonesian people

    1. Unfortunately I don't know of any free MMORPGs that are LANable (they almost always require an internet connection), and I haven't found any free LANable DotA-likes either. Have you tried League of Legends? It's free to play.

      And I'm glad you've found the site useful!

    2. thanks a lot, im Anonymous November 19, 2012 4:01 AM
      it is a great game, rts and rpg,look like dota2

    3. dont know warcraft III Frozen throne ? lanable, multiplayer like dota 2 & lol ;))

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  15. A couple more:
    Xonotic - newer version of Nexuiz
    Prism: Guard Shield - little known shooter by the National Guard

  16. Tower Master - A multiplayer game in which you built your own levels and play together with friends. Ideal for LAN!

  17. Sauerbraten (AKA Cube 2). It's a shooter available for Windows, Mac and Linux, with an intuitive co-op map editor as well. Lots of fun!

  18. Battle Of Wesnoth is Best!!! Thank you guy.

  19. I was surprised you had Trackmania but not shootmania.

  20. Tracks, Turrets, Armor and Attitude at LAN strategy RTS/RTT tanks. Any number of teams, any number of players per team. Each player designs own tanks and builds own army.

  21. I read this post fully concerning the difference of latest and former stuff, it is awesome article.

  22. WOHO!!!! MANY THANKS FOR THIS LIST!! :D so great, after googling and sershing long time for free(in some way;) ) games to play in LAN i finaly found this awesome list :D:D great work dude!

  23. Awesome! My friend just got a new computer so I was looking for something to play with them.
    I personally like tanks 3D a lot.

  24. Re-Volt is another game to add to this list
    It is a racing game from 1999

  25. Hello thanks about your topic.
    Is there any typing game for local networks to challenge my teammates?

  26. for great paintball game! put it on your shooter list

  27. Where is True Combat Elite, the best real lan FPS..?

  28. Goldeneye: Source is fantastic and free for those who remember the original Goldeneye for N64 this is a remade version for the source engine.
    You need Steam and Source SDK 2007, but those are both free.

    Hidden: Source is another free source mod, but this one uses Source SDK 2006 and Steam, (Still free)

    Finally, Enemy Territory: Wolfenstein is a free game of which I love and play the sequel (The sequel is not free, so I won't post it here, although you only need one copy for multiple people, as it's DRM free for LAN play)

  29. You missed a couple: BitFighter, and Marble Arena 2

  30. Here is a nice FREE RPG Game :) pls add sumwars....

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  32. I was looking for some good old co-op games.. its a goldmine list for me :).. Thank you so much.

  33. Great content, I'm in love with this, I was like 2 years (or more) looking for something like this, thanks a lot!