Wednesday, February 8, 2012

At a Distance

Genre: Puzzle
System: Windows, Mac
# Players: 2


At a Distance is a puzzle game played from a first-person perspective with a unique graphical style. It requires exactly 2 players, and each player must be able to see the other's screen; you must work together to figure the game out. The game itself does not tell you what to do, leaving you to figure it out for yourself.


I don't want to reveal too much, since this is a puzzle game and the fun is in figuring it out yourself.

The game has a simple and interesting style that makes it seem mysterious, which is appropriate for a game like this. The controls are the normal ones you would expect for an FPS, or you can use a controller.

Setting up for LAN is also fairly simple. One player hosts, and the other joins via their IP address. [To find your ip address in Windows, open a command prompt (Run: cmd) and type  ipconfig /all  ]

The only real downside to this game is that you need exactly 2 players. And since you need to see their screen, you can't really play online (unless you both have two monitors and use TeamViewer, or something).   That really restricts when you can play it. But if you're at a LAN party, maybe you could find a partner who wants to take a break from shooting and play this more relaxed game. Or everyone could pair up, and you could try to be the first team to complete it.

Overall, I consider At a Distance a solid game.

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