Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Need for Speed

Genre: Racing
System: Windows, Linux, Mac
# Players: 1 - 2
Filesize: 36 MB


The Need for Speed. Maybe you've heard of it? This is the first game in one of the best-selling video game franchises of all time. And now it is available as abandonware. Look at those graphics. If this was 1994, you'd probably be blown away.

In short, this is a racing game that features a multiplayer mode for two players.


It's not really fair for me to review this game, since it is a true classic that helped define a genre. But I will tell you how it fairs as a free LAN game in today's world.

First of all, it isn't 1994 anymore. So that means it's pretty tough to get this game going for LAN play. To help you get racing, here are instructions for setting up the LAN.

Once you get it going, you and a friend can race each other in a head-to-head match. The controls are pretty easy, mainly arrow keys, and the game is still pretty fun despite its age. If you played this game back in the day, I'm sure the nostalgia factor will make this game an excellent choice.

Unfortunately and strangely, I did experience a bit of lag with this game, despite the two computers being right next to each other. And if you click on a car, it is supposed to bring up more info, but instead it crashes the game. So there are some minor technical problems with the game, but nothing too distracting.

So grab a friend and give this game a shot. It can be a trip down memory lane or a blast to the past. Or play against the computer in the single-player game modes. It's a classic game that you should try.

Need For Speed Free Download Page
To run this game, you will need to use DosBox, an emulator for DOS. If you've never used it before, check out my instructions for setting up this game.

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