Saturday, April 21, 2012

User Scoring System


you may have noticed that the user scoring system is now in place. Each game now has a "Rate this game!" form, so that you can share how you feel about the game. I also encourage you to write your own review of the game in the comments section.

The Free Games Index has also been updated, so now the scores are shown in the table as well. The score for each game is updated every four hours.

I hope that everyone finds these ratings useful! Next, I'm working on a "Game of the Day"-type feature which will showcase the most popular game based on votes. This will appear in the sidebar.

So get out there and vote! And if you find any bugs or errors, please let me know.

Alright, so the Top Game now appears in the sidebar. I also added a "Popular" gadget, since I figured that would be useful too. I also found out that the "Rate this Game" form looked very ugly in Internet Explorer, so I've (hopefully) fixed that as well.

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