Thursday, October 20, 2011


Genre: Shooter
System: Windows, Linux, and Mac
# Players: 2-64


Tremulous is a team-based FPS set in the future. Players can be either the aliens or the humans, and must work together as a team to advance. The game has elements of an RTS, with players being able to build structures to make themselves stronger or defend their base. The goal in each game is to destroy the opposing team completely. There are many active players available for online play.

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  1. Tremulous is a very fun and fast paced real time strategy game. The team's success is very crucial to every player in the team. Lots of strategy will be needed to camp your base or create a outpost. At the same time, you have to defend your own base and attack your opponent's base. Always build armoury and medistation close to where your team is in order to not waste time for humans to return to base. Many new maps have been created and gameplay has been changed. Tremulous is still a active game and moderators are developing a new version which will be released in a few years time I think. A server called F is a ever changing gameplay server with turrets shooting pulse and all kinds of funny upgrades. There is a mod making the server better. so what are u waiting for download the game and grab a few friend with you tonight to take out the toughest alien in the world. You can play online or even on LAN!